Hyundai Trucks

Our range of Long Haulage, Construction, Distribution & Special Purpose Trucks are engineered for performance, reliability, robustness, and fuel efficiency helping your business reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.

HD65/HD78 Hyundai Light Duty Truck

Designed to maximize capacity and convenience.
The Hyundai HD series offer one of the safest and most ergonomic cabs available. Its not just comfortable, it works with the driver. Forexample, the carved instrument and switch panel lay out means less reaching and more instinctive positioned, and there are ample interior illumination and storage space. When it comes to driver comfort, the convenience of Hyundai is always right put there at the fore front.


Hyundai Buses

Moving people and changing minds. That’s our mission. Scania & Hyundai offers a complete range of buses and coaches for public transport operators, long-distance cross-border operators, coach operators, and schools.